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Payments debacle - Another Fine Mess - Ferris

29 April, 2010 - by Martin Ferris TD

Sinn Féin TD and Spokesperson for Workers Rights Martin Ferris has called on former TDs and Ministers in receipt of large multiple pensions, and particularly those in receipt of current funds from state boards, to be reduced to one income.

Ferris said:
"The culture of greed that has been fostered by successive Governments over the last few decades has reared its ugly head once more as we see former Ministers being able to draw down extortionate pensions, while still being paid by the state for current 'service'.

"It is ludicrous and pitiful that these TDs, former Ministers, MEPs and in the case of Alan Dukes, a current employee of the State, are claiming that they are being victimised. That they have the brass neck to defend these astronomical payments while people the length and breadth of this State are being told they have to work longer before they catch a glimpse of their pensions and retirement, is a sorry indictment of the culture of gluttony that has engulfed this State.

"Former Fine Gael leader Alan Dukes refuses to waive his €100,000 double political payment despite earning a similar amount as the state-appointed chairman of Anglo Irish Bank. While he and others like him have the luxury of numerous payments coming into their bank accounts, hundreds of thousands of people are trying to scrape by on social welfare payment that was mercilessly slashed in the Budget.

"For too long, people who move in the right circles have treated this state as a gravy train, from money earned off the back of decent hard-working people. Former TDs and Ministers in receipt of dual pension should be forced to forgo one of their pensions and those who are still being employed by the state on boards or various other contracts, should either have their pensions postponed until actual retirement, or should forgo their board pay." ENDS

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