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Confusion over Polling cards clarified

3 May, 2010

Sinn Féin Councillor Phil Flanagan has said that people do not need a polling card to vote in the forthcoming Westminster Election which will take place next Thursday 6th May.

His statement follows a number of concerns raised by constituents that some members of their families or neighbours had received polling cards whilst others hadn't

Councillor Flanagan said:

"Several years ago the distribution of election day polling cards was done in a one off delivery by the Post Office which meant every household received their cards on the same day.

"In recent elections, that policy has changed, with polls cards being delivered over the course of the week leading up to Election Day. This change has led to a lot of confusion. In the course of the election canvas, we have received a number of concerns about this, with people fearful if they didn't receive a poll card or have lost it, they would be denied their right to vote.

"I would like to reassure people that these cards are for information purposes only and for speeding up the process of identification at polling stations, you do not need a card to vote. People without cards should attend their polling stations with proof of their identity, where they will be able to cast their vote. It's very important that people ensure they have the proper forms of photographic ID for next Thursday.

"Anyone who is unsure on voting procedures should contact their local Sinn Féin office where we will be able to clarify any queries they may have."

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