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Collusion families in Dublin to protest at British Embassy and brief members of the Dáil and Seanad on their campaign for truth

23 March, 2004

Members of the campaign group 'An Fhírinne', who represent the families of victims of collusion, will be in Dublin on Thursday 25 March to protest at the British Embassy in Ballsbridge and will then visit Leinster House to brief members of the Dáil and Seanad about their campaign. 'An Fhírinne' are campaigning for truth about collusion between British state agencies and unionist paramilitaries in the killing of citizens in Ireland. They have already travelled to Westminster where they met with and briefed MPs.

It is widely accepted that there was systematic collusion between British state agencies in the North of Ireland and paramilitary death squads. Citizens on both sides of the border died as a result. Investigations and reports on collusion commissioned by the British government itself - from Stevens in the 1990s to the Cory Report at present - have been thwarted and suppressed.

The policy of collusion has never been acknowledged, let alone disavowed. The British agencies that executed this policy remain in place today.

'An Fhírinne' wants to see:

  • The disclosure by the British government of all information on its policy of collusion;
  • The disavowal of the policy of collusion;
  • The dismantling of the structures and agencies which implemented this policy of state murder

Protest at British Embassy at 11am on Thursday March 25th

Leinster House meetings beginning at 12.30am

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