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News that Dun Laoghaire Rathdown is to privatise all waste collection described as scandalous

12 May, 2010

Reacting to news emanating from Dun Laoghaire town hall in the last hour that the Council is to privatise the bin service, a local Sinn Féin spokesperson described the news as “scandalous” and accused the management of Dún Laoghaire County Council of being complicit in the downgrading of services in recent years.
Michael Nolan said:
“This executive decision by the County Manager is scandalous. Owen Keegan’s crocodile tears that the council are losing too much money on the service rings very hollow. It was deliberate decisions taken by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, in recent years, which downgraded the services and allowed lucrative parts of the business to be snapped up by private companies like Panda that have caused the current crisis.
“The council’s bullying tactics in the early years after charges were introduced was aimed not a getting payment for services but rather at getting people to switch from the Council to private contractors. The fact that they have been unsuccessful in chasing up outstanding debts from people who it would appear are quiet willing to pay Panda for services speaks volumes.
“Waste collection is an essential public service. It should be the responsibility of local authorities not private profit driven companies. The crucial questions that needs answering is what will happen to people who can’t afford private waste charges – how will this affect the wavier scheme? And what is to happen to those
currently employed by the council in waste collection?” ENDS 

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