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Pro-Lisbon Fine Gael exposes own hypocrisy on sovereign fiscal powers - Morgan

13 May, 2010

Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Arthur Morgan has lashed out at Fine Gael for their response to the recent announcements at the curtailment of sovereign fiscal powers by the EU. Morgan said Fine Gael had pushed the electorate into Lisbon along with the government and had to accept responsibility now for what the EU intends to do to member states.

He said:
"Fine Gael, captained by Enda Kenny and Richard Bruton, were proponents of the Lisbon Treaty and claimed it would not undermine the economic sovereignty of this State- that there were no provisions under which the European Union could commandeer further fiscal powers from member states. However, the European commission proposals, announced only yesterday, to peer-review national budgets, exploiting provisions of the Lisbon Treaty itself to adopt measures specific to those Member States in the euro.

"Several months on, the hypocrisy of Fine Gael and other pro- Lisbon parties in saying that the sovereignty of member state’s fiscal powers would be retained post-Lisbon has been exposed.

"Sinn Féin deputies were vocal in highlighting that Article 115A would strengthen the powers of the Commission to police what they call ‘excessive budget deficits’ by member states and would give it increased powers to limit government deficits to 3% of GDP. But we were ridiculed by Fine Gael and other pro-Lisbon campaigners. We warned that the Lisbon Treaty would not allow Ireland to deal with the economic problems facing us as increased European interference would cripple the real economy rather than help it.

"What the people of this State need to remember as we hold our breaths to see if these Commission proposals will get passed by Member States is that Fine Gael stood behind the Treaty to allow this to happen, that Fine Gael vigorously campaigned for the implementation of the Treaty that is facilitating this usurpation of national economic sovereignty and that no matter how much Enda Kenny or Richard Bruton condemn the Government for letting this happen, they are equally guilty for the loss of Irish sovereignty." ENDS

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