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Potential of Long Kesh site must be realised – McCartney

20 May, 2010 - by Raymond McCartney


Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney has raised concerns as to the continual opposition of Unionists to develop the full potential of the Long Kesh Site.


Raymond McCartney said;


“There are very clear and straight forward issues here, the land at Long Kesh was gifted to the Executive. Sinn Féin has been to the fore on developing plans and pushing for the regeneration of the site.


It should be remembered that it was the Unionists which opposed the development of a shared sports stadium for the site.


Last April the First and deputy First Ministers agreed the need to realise the economic, historical and reconciliation potential of the site.


This site is 360 acres adjacent to the main transport link joining Larne, Belfast and Dublin. Every investor who has looked at the site has recognised its potential to create investment, economic growth and jobs.


The EU has recognised the potential to promote reconciliation and peace building efforts and is willing to invest in the region of £20 million. The development of this aspect of the site would be at a minimal cost to the people here and will create jobs.


However the DUP are still sitting on the issue.


It is time that the DUP lived up to their agreement to realise the economic, historical and reconciliation potential of the site. We can create jobs, build investment and promote reconciliation at the site. It is what the community wants, it is what the economy needs and the development will demonstrate that we are all moving forward together.  It is now time to make good the promises and develop the site..”

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