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Sinn Féin to meet IMC

24 March, 2004

A Sinn Féin delegation will tomorrow hold a meeting with the IMC in Belfast. Speaking this evening in advance of the meeting Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey said:

"We met with the IMC in January. At that meeting we made it very clear to them that it was our firm view that they operated outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and would be used as a mechanism to justify attempts to exclude or seek support for the exclusion of Sinn Féin.

"Recent events confirm this view. The IMC has indicated that it will abide by a directive from the British government to report before Easter on an incident in a Belfast bar three weeks ago thus exposing the claim by the IMC to be independent.

"In the period since the governments agreed to establish the IMC there has been hundreds of attacks on Catholics and nationalists. There has been little focus by the British government, the unionist parties or the IMC on this campaign or on the murder of James McMahon in Lisburn late last year.

"Tomorrow's meeting will provide an opportunity for us to once again spell out to the IMC our belief that they have no role, they are beholden to securocrats, and they are little more than a political tool to be used by the British government as a smokescreen to validate arbitrary acts of exclusion." ENDS

Editors Note: The meeting will take place at the IMC Offices in Belfast at 10am and the Sinn Féin delegation will include Alex Maskey, Gerry Kelly and Sue Ramsey

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