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PSNI play ‘Ice Cream Van’ music while street drinking allowed to continue.

27 May, 2010

Sinn Féin Councillor and chairperson of Lisburn DPP, Arder Carson, commenting on the playing of ice-cream van music by a PSNI officer during an incident when teenagers were involved in anti-social behavior has stated:

“Some people living outside the Colin area seemed to be amused by a PSNI patrol playing music to a group of teenagers drinking on the street.

“There is nothing amusing about this incident for the people of this area who are nightly experiencing teenagers drinking on their streets which regularly results in anti-social behaviour.

“The police officer or officers involved should be disciplined not only for playing the music but for failing in their duty to protect the public from teenage drinkers.

“In my capacity a chairperson of the DPP I will be raising this issue with the PSNI’s area commander.”

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