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“Americanisation of Irish health system well under way” - Morgan

27 May, 2010

Speaking today at second stage of the Nurses and Midwives Bill 2010, Sinn Féin TD for Louth Arthur Morgan spoke of his disgust at Government policy on healthcare.

He said:

“The HSE is not responsible for the closure of hospitals throughout the State. The withdrawal of essential health services across this land is Government policy. The HSE is used as a mudguard to collect blame. The reality is that the HSE will do what it is told to do, by and large, by the Minister and in accordance with Government policy.

“The Americanisation of the Irish health service is well under way. Up to 50% of the people of this State have opted for private health care because they have no other alternative as proper public health care services are not in place.

“Government policy does not care about people who cannot afford private health care. This is a Government that does not care about the sick. It only cares about the golden circle, evidence of which we see in this Chamber every day when debating these matters.

“If I were in charge of this Government, I would not allow the Minister for Health and Children, Deputy Mary Harney, to clean out a toilet in a hospital much less run an entire health service. She is neither competent in nor cares about dealing with the difficulties faced by the health service. The Government is happy, due to the politics of the situation, to allow her carry on being Minister to a service that is grossly under funded and understaffed.”

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