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Fine Gael and Labour show true colours at Council level on Gaza - Cllr Brady

2 June, 2010

At Bray Town Council monthly meeting last night Sinn Fein councillors John Brady and Rossa Murray had planned to table a motion condemning the Israeli attacks on the aid boats on way to Gaza. Chair of Bray Town Council Cllr John Ryan drew a close to the council meeting early deliberately preventing the motion being tabled.

Speaking after the meeting a visibly angry Cllr John Brady stated:
“I am disgusted at the attitude of Councillors from both Fine Gael and Labour. Sinn Féin tabled an emergency motion condemning the actions of Israel and in recent days we have had both the leader of Fine Gael and the leader of Labour strongly condemn Israel. I believe it is well and good party leaders to come out grandstanding on this but sadly when it comes to their local public representatives they run a mile.

“It was agreed at the beginning of the meeting that the emergency motion would be taken at the end of the council meeting. Cllr John Ryan cheered on by Labour councillors said there was no time to deal with the motion but strangely enough was able to close the meeting before the agreed time of 10pm. This shows the real attitude of the grassroots of these parties.

“What really disgusted me was the manner in how the meeting was closed. Cllr Ryan with a big smirk on his face was only too delighted to close the meeting. I challenged him on this and he said you have 60 seconds Cllr Brady. This was met with a heckle from Labour with one Cllr even shouting “ah close the bloody meeting” to which Cllr Ryan gladly brought the meeting to a close. A number of individuals sitting in the public gallery disgusted at this challenged the Chairman who just seemed to laugh away. It just highlights the blatant hypocrisy of these two parties’ positions on the issue.”

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