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PSNI challenged over parades comments

2 June, 2010 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin north Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly has challenged the PSNI to name those politicians they feel should be doing more to calm tensions around Orange Parades.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said;

“Firstly I am somewhat surprised that PSNI would make such a public intervention in relation to this, given the fact that they know the amount of work being put in by ourselves along with other community and political representatives to try and calm tensions around contentious Loyal Order parades.

“Maybe Alistair Finley should name those politicians he feels are not doing enough rather than the PSNI hiding behind media briefings. Political and community leaders who are working flat out in interface areas trying to diffuse tensions all year round will not be lectured by the PSNI on this important matter.

“In reality it is the PSNI who need to be doing more to help prevent violence at contentious parades, it is the PSNI who have the ability to recommend to the Parades Commission that parades don’t take place in areas where they are not welcome and can potentially lead to trouble.

“They have consistently failed to do so. Instead they have adopted a policy of burying their heads in sand and in many instances have given the green-light to unwanted, contentious parades and left the very people they now appear to be criticising to pick up the pieces.” ENDS

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