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Mayor fails to respond to constituents request for Book of Condolences

6 June, 2010

Sinn Féin’s Upper Falls Councillor, Caoimhín Mac Giolla Mhín, is deeply disappointed by the reluctance of Belfast’s new Mayor to respond to a request from a local constituent to provide of a book of condolence in Belfast’s City Hall for the Humanitarian Aid workers, who were illegally massacred on board an aid boat in the early hours of Monday morning.

Cllr Mac Giolla Mhín said: “A local constituent, who is deeply concerned about the human rights of Palestinian people contacted me on Wednesday, following her communications with the Belfast Mayor’s office”.

“As a constituent, she indicated to me that she wasn’t exactly satisfied with the response she received from the Mayor’s office in relation to her request.”

The local Councillor did some research in to the protocol in implementing such books of condolence and discovered that this is generally a call for the current Mayor of the city.

“I advised my constituent that I would explore the protocol and make a direct approach to the newly elected Mayor in relation to her request.

“I did speak with the Mayor’s office and subsequently emailed them, requesting that newly elected Mayor, Pat Convery, call me on behalf my constituent to make arrangements to receive a letter from her as did our party group leader, Michael Browne.

“I appreciate that Pat has a very busy schedule as Mayor, but an issue of such current importance as this deserves some consideration and the local citizen deserves a response.

“In light of the recent massacre five days ago and the fate awaiting the Irish boat, MV Rachel Corrie which has now been boarded by Israeli Forces with some Belfast citizens on board, I feel that this Belfast citizen at least deserves a response from their first citizen.”

“A clear message of support from the Belfast Mayor, on the back of world wide condemnation of this act of piracy, would boost the moral of the aid workers who don’t know what to expect on board the Rachel Corrie,” concluded Cllr Mac Giolla Mhín.

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