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Sinn Féin comments on British Budget announcements

22 June, 2010

Sinn Féin comments on British Budget announcements
Sinn Féin Economic Spokesperson Mitchel McLaughlin MLA has commented on today’s British Budget announcement made by their Chancellor George Osborne.
Mr McLaughlin said;
While we will have to take account of the implications of the British government's budget on spending in the north, I don't believe that the British chancellor takes consideration of the impact his decisions will have on the ability of the Executive to invest in economic recovery here.
As always, the British Government will work to suit themselves when it comes to economic matters.
Without the ability to raise finance through measures such as additional tax-varying or borrowing powers, we must continue to defend frontline services despite the cuts to our steadily reducing budget, imposed by London.
The north’s public service sector must be protected and today’s budget announcement from the British Chancellor indicates that difficult times lie ahead for us all.

Sinn Féin is committed to protecting frontline public services while recognising the current economic realities that exist; for our part we must ensure that the Executive, despite cuts being forced upon it, works to ensure the protection of those most vulnerable and in need to protection.” CRÍOCH

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