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Government putting democracy on hold for people of Dublin South – Tracey

23 June, 2010

South Dublin Sinn Féin Representative Shaun Tracey has called on Government TDs Tom Kitt and Eamon Ryan to support the move in the Dáil today for the by-election in Dublin South to take place.

Mr Tracey accused the Government of putting democracy on hold as they continue to deny democratic representation for the people of Dublin South.

He said:

“More than 11,000 people are unemployed in South Dublin. Many of them are in negative equity and face the prospect of losing their homes. Thousands more are on the housing waiting list, living in unsuitable and overcrowded conditions.

“The Fine Gael/Labour led Council in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown has just announced that it is to privatise all waste collection putting yet more jobs on the line and putting further pressure on the unemployed and those on low incomes. And, to add further financial pressure, the Green Party intends to introduce water charges.

“These people need, deserve and are entitled to proper representation in the Dáil. But simply because the Government are running scared of the electorate they are being denied that right. The Government are putting democracy on hold. They are only democrats when democracy suits them.

“Just last week Government TDs brazingly voted confidence in Brian Cowen as Taoiseach yet this week they are afraid to allow the people of Dublin South the opportunity to voice their opinion on this Government.

“I am calling on the Government TDs for Dublin South, Deputies Tom Kitt and Eamon Gilmore, to support the moving of the writ in the Dáil today for the by-election to take place. If they vote against the move let it be put about the constituency that they are denying the people of Dublin South their democratic entitlements.

“But the constituents of Dublin South must also be made aware that Fine Gael, the people who caused this by-election, have it in their power to call the election but have so far refused to do so simply because they have no obvious candidate. They are as guilty as the Government parties in denying the democratic rights of the people of Dublin South even though they will vote in favour of today’s motion in full knowledge that the Government will out vote them.

“The people of Dublin South should remember this when the eventually go to the polls in this election. If the last by-election has taught us anything it is that politics should not be based on personalities but on policies. And so in this election I would urge the voters to do the research, look up party policies and make an informed decision about the best way forward for this constituency and this country.” ENDS

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