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Dodds hypocrisy over expenses claims

30 June, 2010 - by Westminster


West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty has accused Nigel Dodds of ‘staggering hypocrisy’ after he placed a motion before Westminster calling on constituency services to be denied to those citizens who elect Sinn Féin MPs.


Mr Doherty said:


“The hypocrisy of Nigel Dodds bringing a motion on Sinn Féin constituency expenses in Westminster is staggering. This is the head of the Dodds family political dynasty who routinely cash in expenses and wages cheques from the public purse from the Assembly, from Westminster and from Brussels and until recently Belfast City Council as well.


“He is the deputy leader of a party that has been embroiled in scandal over its relationship with property developers and whose members routinely employ and rent offices from relatives all from the public purse. Only last week the DUP rejected a new expenses regime in Stormont which would have seen a reduction in MLA expenses.


“For the record Sinn Féin MPs do not receive Westminster salaries or personal expenses. We do receive an allowance to operate our constituency offices in order to provide much needed services for our electorate.


“I think it would be better for Mr Dodds to get his own and his party’s house in order when it comes to expenses, employing relatives and relationships with property developers before he wastes parliamentary time seeking to deny ordinary citizens their rights to constituency services.” ENDS

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