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Victims Commissioners proposals – missed opportunity

30 June, 2010 - by Ian Milne

Responding to the Victims Commissioners proposals on the issue of Truth recovery, Sinn Féin spokesperson on victims issues Francie Molloy said that their report was ‘a missed opportunity to recommend a process that respects the rights and needs of all victims and survivors’.

Mr. Molloy said:

“The British Government cannot be arbiters of a Truth Recovery process. The many victims of State violence believe that the actions and policies of the British Government must be part of any truth recovery process. Republicans have made it clear that they will be prepared to take part in a truth recovery process which is international and independent.

“We believe that the Victims and Survivors have missed an opportunity to recommend a process that will respect the rights and needs of all victims and survivors.

“The central thrust of the Commissions proposals is that there must be a political consensus including Unionist support for any truth process. In effect a political veto. Let’s be clear, the rights of victims and survivors to discover the truth cannot be set aside for such. If it had been up to the Unionist parties there would have been no Saville inquiry and the innocence of those killed that day would still be under question.

 ‘Already this morning I have had several comments from victims angry at the view expressed by the Commissioners that the ‘Recognition Payment’ was a ‘scandal’ and echoing former British Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward’s, view that it should not be introduced to appease unionism. This is wrong. All victims need to be treated equally. The ‘Recognition Payment’ was an example of this equality and needs to be introduced immediately.”

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