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Sinn Féin meeting SDLP in Stormont

30 March, 2004

A Sinn Féin delegation including senior MLAs Alex Maskey and Conor Murphy will this afternoon meet with a delegation from the SDLP. The meeting will take place in Stormont at 12.30pm.

Speaking this morning in advance of the meeting Mr. Maskey said:

"Today's meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss with the SDLP the issues which are of concern to our shared constituency. These include the Cory Report, the continuing failure of the British government to lift the suspension of the political institutions and the ongoing sectarian attacks being carried out by the unionist paramilitaries.

"The decision to cancel the Review process for a number of weeks on the basis that the unionist parties will not engage only adds to the sense of drift in the process. At the outset of the Review Sinn Féin presented a detailed list of issues which needed to be addressed. Little progress has been made on this to date.

" In light of this it is important for the pro-Agreement parties to continue to engage with each other in an attempt to explore common ground which could see the anti-Agreement blockage in the process removed." ENDS

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