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DUP debate on Truth mere ‘grandstanding’ - Molloy

6 July, 2010 - by Ian Milne

Commenting on a DUP debate in Westminster on issues of truth today, Sinn Féin spokesperson on the issue Francie Molloy said:

“To date the DUP have failed to bring forward any proposals on effectively dealing with the past. Instead they have sought to politicise the issue and seek to create a hierarchy of victims through a change to the definition.

“When Eames/Bradley was published the DUP binned it without even reading the full document. No doubt we will get more of the same grandstanding in Westminster today.

“Sinn Féin have made it clear that it is our view that what is required is a victim centred international, independent truth recovery process. Republicans have made it clear that we would participate in such a body. Maybe the DUP will make it clear whether they would participate in such a process also. Maybe then the truth about the DUP formed Third Force or Ulster Resistance, the only Unionist gang yet to engage with the IICD, will be revealed.

“So rather than playing to the gallery in Westminster it would suit Willie McCrea better if he actually engaged on the issue of truth recovery and came at it with the needs of victims at the centre rather than internal DUP politics.” CRÍOCH

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