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More disruption to nationalist communities by dissidents - McCann

15 July, 2010 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast Jennifer McCann has slammed the hijacking of a car in the Twinbrook area which is now at the centre of a securtity alert in the area stating that the local community has had enough of dissident activity.

Speaking today Ms McCann said:

“Once again a nationalist district has suffered major disruption due to dissident activity. People in Twinbrook have had their daily routines disrupted and families have had to leave their homes due to this alert.

“Following several nights where cars have been hijacked and peoples property destroyed in rioting by anti-social elements being steered by dissidents, these groups need to realise that nationalist communities across Belfast have had enough.

“We have seen peoples cars taken from their homes and destroyed, doors kicked in at Broadway and Ardoyne to get these cars, and families held hostage. Now this car has been taken from its owner at Laurel Glen.

“All of this emenates from groups who set themselves up as republicans who are supposedly “protecting and representing” these communities.

“Those who have carried out these acts need to realise that this community does not want this disruption nor does it want these groups operating in this area or carrying out such actions in their name.”

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