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IMF interference in Irish affairs unwelcome – Morgan

16 July, 2010

Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Arthur Morgan has called for progressive countries and political parties around the world to begin to work for the abolition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which he described as a discredited and disreputable organisation. Morgan said the continuous flow of statements about Ireland was unwelcome and unhelpful and any statements made by the group referencing this state should be ignored.

Deputy Morgan said:

“The IMF’s record in predicting economic developments is woeful, but furthermore, their interference in sovereign state’s economic decision making under the guise of ‘expertise’ is ludicrous given the transparency now surrounding their ideological bias for capitalism. They have called it wrong repeatedly, and nothing has changed.

“The IMF has made continuous interfering comments regarding this state in recent times but they were only a taster in advance of a report on Ireland which will call for more cuts to public spending and what it calls ‘radical fiscal reform plans’. There is nothing radical, or workable, about contracting an economy to the point of depression. At the back of the Government’s and the IMF’s policies for Ireland is an agenda to restrict public and social transfers, and increase privatisation. These policies are designed to keep the wealthy comfortable while the ordinary worker is squeezed.

“It has been repeated ad nauseum how badly the IMF got not just the economic analysis for Ireland wrong, but also every other country’s. Anywhere they have dipped their incompetent fingers, they have left social deprivation in their wake. They are a discredited and disreputable organisation and I am calling for progressive countries and political parties to begin working for the abolition of this organisation once and for all. Their comments on Ireland are unwelcome and unhelpful.”

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