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SF Comment on Eames/Bradley consultation release

19 July, 2010 - by Ian Milne

Commenting after the British Government released a summary of the responses to their consultation on the Eames/Bradley Report, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Victims issues Francie Molloy said:

“It is hardly a surprise that there has been a variety of responses to the Eames/Bradley proposals. However there is a concern that today’s exercise by the NIO is about using the lack of consensus as an excuse to park this issue.

“The reality is that you will not get a consensus on dealing with the past amongst political parties, primarily because the future is still contested. To seek such a consensus and elevate it to the status of a precondition to dealing with the past is at best naive.

“What we are clearly saying, and we have been saying this consistently for years, what is required is an international truth recovery mechanism which examines the causes and consequences of the conflict and which is independent of the state, combatant groups, political parties, civic society and economic interests. That is the only way to ensure maximum confidence and maximum participation.” ENDS

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