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Cabinet meeting a farce – Morgan

21 July, 2010

Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Arthur Morgan has described today’s cabinet meeting as a farce. Deputy Morgan said for months now the Government has been telling us what it’s not going to do in the budget but it has not told anyone what will be included and now they are going on holidays.

He warned the Government against heeding the recommendations of the ESRI to advance on the €7.5 billion programme of cuts over the next 3 years saying the ESRI has subscribed to the deflationary economics that can only depress the economy further.

He said, “The Government’s budgetary process seems to be process of elimination. For months now they have been announcing measures which they are not going to take but they have yet to tell anyone what measures they will take. They have reduced the whole process to a guessing game and now they are heading off on holidays.

“This Government has lost both the moral authority and the public support to govern. It hasn’t one shred of credibility on the economy and yet it is planning to cut another €3billion from the budget. Based on the Government’s record it will be the least well off who will once again suffer the brunt of the cuts while multi-millionaires get off scot free.

“The ESRI has recommended that the Government sticks to its programme of rigid cuts of €7.5billion between now and 2014. That would be a mistake. The ESRI has subscribed to the deflationary economics that can only depress the economy even further. The implications of such cuts are that economic activity will be reduced, there will be no job creation throughout that term and emigration will continue to surge.

“The people of this state are suffering hardship and pain everyday as a result of this Government’s decisions. The longer they stay in power the worse it gets.

“Now is the time for action. There’s no use getting angry without getting active. We need to see the power of the people in this state concentrated on removing this Government from office.

“That means getting out on the streets and protesting but it also means getting involved in politics. For too long we have left politics to the gombeen men and women. It is time to take politics back for the people.

“Sinn Féin would deliver a different budget. We would deliver a budget that would meet the Government’s targets without inflicting massive pain on those who can’t afford it and without savaging public services. And we would produce a stimulus package to increase economic activity and create jobs.

“We would do this by overhauling the taxation system to ensure everybody pays according to their ability to pay and getting rid of unjust tax loopholes, by targeting cutbacks at those who can most afford them such as politicians and hospital consultants and by increasing borrowing for infrastructure that has the potential to grow our economy.” ENDS

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