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British Commitment was To Publish Cory - Not Edited Cory

31 March, 2004

Speaking as the families of those involved in the Cory Report were preparing to receive copies of the report Sinn Féin Assembly member Bairbre de Brún said that 'people will be watching closely the version of the Cory Report which the British government issues'.

Ms de Brún said:

"After Weston Park Tony Blair gave the public commitment to publish the Cory Report and act upon its recommendations. The British government have been in possession of the report since last October, yet they have failed to publish it and failed to establish the independent inquiries which have been demanded.

"It would now seem that the British government after consultation with the very elements of their own system who engaged in the collusion policy are preparing to release an edited version of the Cory Report. We have heard nothing yet from the British government to indicate that they are going to speedily move on it recommendations.

"The British government commitment was not to publish a Cory Report strongly edited by the securocrats. The fact is that this Report should have been published and published in full months ago. Its recommendations regarding inquiries should have been acted upon before now.

"The families of those killed by the British state through its policy of collusion deserve better. They should not have to endure constant stalling and bad faith from the British government. The editing of the Cory Report and the long delay in its publication are the latest in a long line of such practices." ENDS

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