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National roads tax ill-conceived idea - Ferris

24 July, 2010 - by Martin Ferris TD

Commenting this morning Sinn Fein’s Martin Ferris said that the Government’s decision to introduce tolls on national roads as a further tax- raising measure, was a cynical extra tax and an ill- thought out idea.

He said:

“The idea that the N- road newtwork should be sectioned and divided with tolls and toll booths is outrageous. It is cear that very little thought has been put into the proposal and is simply a reactionary measure based on the Government’s panic to find quick fixes to the economic crisis in this State. What thought has been given to the practical difficulties and cost of the implementation of such a scheme? How much is the implementation going to cost to run and maintain in itself? How will toll dodging be stopped?

“ It has been claimed that the introduction of tolls on the national infrastructure will be an incentive for people to use other transport. Which other transport? Existing public transport is already being squeezed, this is at a time that buses are being taken off the roads in mass and bus journeys are being cut. The conseqeunce of such a tax introduction will be huge. There are other ways of raising capital without creating further havoc to people’s daily lives. This tax- measure harks back to the days of taxing windows.

“Once again, rather than taking the decision to focus on those who have the most in this Sate, this Government has decided to further pick the pockets of the average person and family.” ENDS

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