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Bomb attack on civilian worker slammed - Molloy

10 August, 2010 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin MLA for Mid UlsterFrancie Molloy has slammed those behind a car bomb attack on a civilian worker at the Cookstown PSNI station.


Speaking earlier Mr Molloy said:


“This attack on a civilian worker is wrong. He has had a very lucky escape with the device only partially exploding. This man has the right to work anywhere he wishes and should not come under any threat in doing so.


“The groupings behind this, and other attacks earlier in the week, need to come forward and tell the people of Ireland how this will advance the goal of achieving a united Ireland?


“Certainly the overwhelming number of republicans have endorsed a peaceful strategy to achieve this goal through moving society forward in a progressive way, not by wreckless bomb attacks.


“These groups need to reflect on the political realities of Ireland in 2010. They have little or no support and it is very clear that armed actions have no place in today’s society.”

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