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DRD Ministers Prompt Action Commended

18 August, 2010

DRD Ministers Prompt Action Commended

Commenting on the suspension of the DRD Permanent Secretary Paul Priestly Sinn Féin Assembly member Paul Maskey said:

“Clearly Conor Murphy, the Minister for Regional Development, has received information of a significant nature.

“His decision that the position of the Permanent Secretary within his department was no longer tenable would not have been taken lightly.I am absolutely certain of that.

“Conor Murphy has once again acted promptly and robustly.The information he received was from Mr. Priestly himself, which presumably is why he was able to come to a speedy conclusion regarding Mr. Priestly’s position.

“While there is now a focus on an additional issue beyond mismanagement within NI Water it is important that we do not lose sight of the core issues in all of this.Wrongdoing in public services should not be tolerated.

“It is quite proper that those who presided overthe failures within NI Water which allowed 73 contractsworth over £28m to be awarded without public tender to be held responsible and removed from their positions.

“And it is also proper that any Senior Civil Servant who acts inappropriately should equally be held responsible and removed from his or her position.”

“For too long improper practices have been tolerated within the higher ranks of the public service. Conor Murphy has sent out a message that those days are ending.” ENDS

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