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Ramsey slams Woodburn pipe bomb attack

24 August, 2010 - by Sue Ramsey

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast Sue Ramsey has stated that thise behind a pipe bomb attack on Woodburn PSNI station continue to endanger the local community. However Ms ramsey emphasised that work to transform this station must continue and that such attacks cannot be used to stall the wishes of the community who live in close proximity to the station.

Speaking today Ms Ramsey said:

“Those behind a pipe bomb attack on Woodburn PSNI station clearly have no interest in respecting what the republican community of West Belfast want.

“This attack was wrong and endangered people living nearby. It only takes one of these devices to be misthrown along the strip of waste ground behind the station and a child to find it. I am quite sure that those responsible wouldn’t go and retrieve it.

“Regardless of where it landed though it was a wreckless and futile act. 

“However while there is no justification for these attacks, for the PSNI Area Commander to use such actions as a excuse not to move on the required improvements to the station, that this community are demanding, is unacceptable. The station is an eyesore from bygone days and if it is to remain here, any length of time, it needs to be transformed.

“The scenario exists though that while this part-time, shell of a PSNI station remains it will continue to be a target of attacks for dissident groupings with nothing to offer this community.

“We need to see this station eventually closed, the land granted for community use and effective policing delivered on the ground.” 

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