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Call for support for protest at Israeli pre match function

24 August, 2010

Wicklow Sinn Féin Councillors John Brady and Rossa Murray have called for support for a protest due to take place at an event organised by the Israeli Embassy tomorrow ahead of an International Ladies Soccer match between Ireland and Israel.

Both Councillor Brady and Murray have been invited by the Israeli Embassy to attend the event at the Royal Hotel but have said they will show up in Palestinian Soccer shirts with the sole purpose of highlighting Israel’s hypocrisy and their ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

A protest will take place at the Royal Hotel at 5.30pm tomorrow and at the Carlisle Grounds in Bray at 7.00pm where the match is due to take place.

Speaking today ahead of the protests Councillor Brady said:

“It is highly hypocritical of the Israeli Embassy to be organising a pre match function for an International soccer match when they refuse the right of the Palestine to play international matches. This function is nothing more than a PR exercise by a regime that has been anything but friendly to the Irish people in the recent past.

“International law and Irish sovereignty where blatantly insulted when Mahmoud Al Mabhouh was assassinated in Dubai earlier this year in what many believe was an act of terror by the Israeli Government using Irish passports as cover for their operatives.

“In the aftermath of the Israeli attack on the international aid flotilla, which was carrying Irish civilians, my colleague Councillor Rossa Murray and I put forward a motion to Bray Town Council calling on the Israeli Ambassador to be expelled from the Country.

“I will remind the Ambassador tomorrow that he is not welcome here and I am calling on people from Wicklow and beyond to come along and support our protests against this rogue state.” ENDS

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