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Reclaim the City Festival launched in Dublin

25 August, 2010

Speaking at the launch of the ‘Reclaim the City Festival’ which is organised by the Right to Work Campaign, Sinn Féin’s Kathryn Reilly said it is time for young people to “stake our claim on a fairer, equal Ireland – one that prioritises investment, stimulus, job creation and public welfare.”

The ‘Reclaim the City Festival’ takes place this Saturday marching from Parnell Square at 2pm in protest against the disastrous policies of the Fianna Fáil/Green Party Government with live music at the Central Bank on Dame Street afterwards.

Speaking at the launch this morning Kathryn Reilly said:

“Unemployment is not a price worth paying for a negligent Government – it destroys lives and leaves permanent scars on our communities. There are 452,500 people altogether on the dole, 94,584 of which are young people under 25.

“This Government is adept at announcing schemes and new jobs, but their terrible record on actually creating these jobs is reflected in the fact that nearly half a million people are on the dole. With over 620,000 jobs having been announced by the Government and associated agencies in the past year, why are there 452,500 people on the Live Register and why will 120,000 people emigrate by the end of 2011?

“Sinn Féin is not a party of rhetoric; it is a party of action. The people of this State have a right to work and a right to a Government that will work for them. This Government are only interested in working for the Sean Fitzpatricks and Ivor Callelys of this world.

“Our youth jobs proposals costed at €1.316 billion would create at least 50,000 jobs. If the 25 billion that is being pumped into Anglo, the private piggy bank of some of the most corrupt figures of this State, was diverted into Sinn Féin’s job creation package, our proposals could support nearly 1 million jobs.

“In one month, 2938 young people under 25 signed on – the equivalent of nearly 100 people a day. This figure is further dwarfed by the thousands of young people who emigrated and left Ireland because this Government are only able to secure jobs for their political and banking cronies.

“The gift to the youth of this State from the old generation of free-market capitalists has not been jobs, secure standards of living and free education but rather an inheritance of debt. It is the youth of today who will inherit life-long poverty, well into the future. The government's lack of job creation has meant that the debt of successive bank bailouts has been transferred to our young people.

“Without a clear economic recovery plan aimed at creating jobs, unemployment will become a permanent landscape, which will blight future economic growth.

“Capitalism has shown its inability to provide employment and it is up to us to stake our claim on a fairer, equal Ireland – one that prioritises investment, stimulus, job creation and public welfare.

“We need to make employment a reality for people outside the golden circle and the Galway tent.” ENDS

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