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Parades Commission’s overturn of determination completely unacceptable – Ó Donnghaile

26 August, 2010

Sinn Féin representative for east Belfast Niall Ó Donnghaile has branded the decision by the Parades Commission to overturn their initial determination on Saturday’s Black Preceptory Parade as ‘completely unacceptable’.

He said,

“Consistently and without any repercussions, those taking part in this parade have flouted the determinations placed upon them. It would seem now that this retrograde move by the Parades Commission is in actual fact rewarding that intransigence and hostility.

This parade is due to take place in the absence of any dialogue between the parade organisers and residents who live in the Short Strand.

Initially the Parades Commission determination meant that the parade would pass the Short Strand with only a single drum beat, given that fact residents had agreed to scale back their protest; it is beyond comprehension why the commission would now cave in and allow this parade, which has consistently breached determinations and engaged in sectarian coat trailing while passing the area, to pass without any restriction placed upon it.

It must be pointed out that this parade simply walks less than half a mile to board a bus to go elsewhere, some would suggest the whole purpose of this parade is simply to pass the Short Strand.

This decision is a backward one and has the potential to undermine the valuable and positive cross community engagement taking place in east Belfast at present. The marching orders have consistently failed to enhance or promote these relations in any way, in fact the continuing building of relationships in East Belfast is almost despite them.

It would seem that the Parades Commission has caved into pressure from political unionism in the east of the city.” CRÍOCH

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