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DUP ‘lack credibility’ on cost cutting measures

31 August, 2010

Sinn Féin Minister Michelle Gildernew has said the DUP ‘lack credibility’ when it comes to proposing cost cutting measures for government. Ms Gildernew’s comments came after Sammy Wilson claimed to want to save money on Ministerial drivers.

Ms Gildernew said:

“Sinn Féin Ministers are consistently looking for ways to streamline government and cut bureaucracy. Of course we will support genuine efforts to reduce the costs associated with the ministerial car pool.

However the DUP lack credibility on the issue of saving money. They are the party that have consistently blocked attempts by Sinn Féin Ministers to save money and protect frontline services.

Sammy Wilson would have more credibility proposing cost saving measures on issues like Ministerial cars which may save tens of thousands of pounds, if he wasn’t part of the DUP which has to date blocked the RPA which offered savings of £450m and ESA which offers savings of up to £30m.
This is of course not to mention the millions which would be saved on ending the duplication of services by adopting a sensible all-Ireland approach to public services like health.

So while Sammy Wilson may chase headlines on issues like the Human Rights Commission or Ministerial cars any examination of the DUP record in the Executive when it comes to taking decisions on cutting back bureaucracy points to a party content with scarce public money being wasted on over management and diverted away from frontline services.” CRÍOCH

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