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Westlink alerts cause disruption to local communities and hospitals

31 August, 2010 - by Fra McCann

 Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast has slammed those behind a security alert on the Westlink which has closed of a main arterial route to Belfast and a main access to Belfast’s two main hospitals.

Speaking today Mr McCann said:

“Those behind these alerts have nothing to offer. Calling in a bomb warning which closed a major arterial route into Belfast has served to only one purpose, the disruption of life for people coming to and from Belfast, and shutting a main access point to Belfast’s two main hospitals.

“At a time when the traffic is starting to get heavier as schools re-open after summer local communities, who use the Westlink to ease traffic along the Falls Road, are also greatly inconvenienced.

“It’s high time that the groups behind these type of action stop and realise there is no support for their campaign. What will the closure of the Westlink achieve? How will it bring a united Ireland closer and how will it be to the betterment to the people of Ireland? These groups need to answer all of these questions.

“Furthermore if there are recognised code words given the PSNI need to be stating which group they emanate from so that the entire community can apportion blame to these futile actions.”

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