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McCann: HET Report into Damien Walsh murder raises number of serious questions

2 September, 2010 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin west Belfast MLA Jennifer McCann has said that today’s revelation that the British Army stood by and watched as west Belfast teenager Damien Walsh was brutally murder by the UFF will not surprise the community in west Belfast.

Ms McCann who has worked closely with the Walsh family concerning this case said;

“Firstly, my thoughts and thoughts of my party are with Damien’s parents at what is no doubt a very difficult and traumatic time for them. This news will no doubt cause a great degree of hurt and pain to them and their extended family.

The history of the British Army in Ireland is no story of glory, they have been directly and through their surrogates in Unionist deaths squads, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of citizens here. They sat by and allowed the UFF to murder Damien at his place of work in the Dairy Farm; the British Army as well as the British government have serious questions to answer as to why they allowed this murder to take place and they did not intervene in apprehending those responsible.

The report by the HET has raised a number of serious questions which I have no doubt the Walsh family will wish to pursue in the time ahead; we support them in this endeavour.” CRÍOCH

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