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Time to save money and abolish IMC

15 September, 2010

Commenting after the publication of the IMC report into the murder of Shankill loyalist Bobby Moffett which blamed the UVF for the killing, Sinn Féin Assembly member for West Belfast Paul Maskey said:

“While the murder of Bobby Moffett was clearly a tragedy for his family and friends the IMC today after spending weeks inquiring into the murder told us what everyone already knows that Moffett was killed by the UVF. Given the recent resignation by Dawn Purvis from the PUP there will be no political consequence arsing from this report.

“At a political level this report highlights the fact that the IMC as a body serves little purpose and is a waste of time, money and effort. It is a leftover from David Trimble’s era and one which is little more than a cash cow for those involved. At a time when significant pressures are being placed on the public purse can anyone seriously justify continuing to pump millions of pounds of public money into the IMC when there are real and acute pressures on frontline services in education, health and other areas.

“The IMC should be abolished and the monies being wasted in its administration and expenses should be redirected into frontline services as part of the effort to minimise the effect of the Tory cuts.” ENDS

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