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Hundreds to protest at Dempsey's Office in support of Navan Hospital

17 September, 2010

A meeting of the Save Navan Hospital Committee took place in the Newgrange Hotel in Navan yesterday. Over 250 people attended, many people were left with just standing room such was the size of the crowd. The crowd was made up people from all walks of life and from all political persuasions. According to Campaign Chairperson and Deputy Mayor of Navan, Peadar Tóibín, ‘the purpose of the meeting is to mobilise a people power campaign to fight for Navan Hospital. Our first opportunity to do this will be this Saturday at 12.30pm where we intend to bring people out in their hundreds to protest outside of Noel Dempsey's office on the Fairgreen, Navan. We need to put pressure on those who are responsible for the decision to close Navan Hospital.
During his address to the crowd Cllr Tóibín stated:
"People are furious and disgusted at the vandalism of our Health Services, but being angry is not enough. We the people of Meath are not powerless pawns at the end of the political food chain to be dictated to by this government or the HSE. We elect these so called representatives and are the people who pay their wages, as a result we have a right to be listened to.
"None of us can guarantee that this campaign will be successful but we will do 2 things. We will build a cross community cross party campaign which will do its damnedest to save services at Navan. We will make such a racket that when the HSE or any other government department coming looking to cut anything in future they will know that the people of Meath are no soft touch."
The meeting was also addressed by local GP Dr Niall Maguire, Tony FitzPatrick spokesperson from the INMO and Noleen O Donaghue SIPTU representative at Navan Hospital who all indicated strong support for the campaign. ENDS

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