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Over 600 people brave the rain in Support of Navan Hospital

18 September, 2010

Over six hundred people braved the lashing rain today to voice their support for Navan Hospital. The crowd was addressed by the Cllr Phill Brennan, Journalist and Health Analyst Maire O Connor, Local Doctor Niall Maguire and Campaign organiser Cllr Peadar Tóibín. The protest was the third in a series of mass meetings to protest against the closure of Services at Navan Hospital.

Deputy Mayor and Campaign Chairperson, Cllr Peadar Tóibín stated:

“It would be easy for me to stand here and give you platitudes about our hospital. But sooner or later we have to get real. We cannot dance around the fact that people must be made accountable for what is happening to Navan Hospital. If an overpaid Fianna Fáil minister says to the people of Meath on the eve of an election, that he will go to the wire for the hospital, he better come up with the goods. When he promises that the future of Navan Hospital is safe in his hands or that a new regional hospital will be built in Navan on his watch, well we the people have a right to hold him to account.

“The HSE is the creation of and is responsible to this Fianna Fáil government. Each Minister has collective responsibility for the decisions that are made. Minister Dempsey claims that he knew nothing about these cuts. Yet the HSE claim they told the cabinet a week in advance. Dempsey’s legacy as a public representative in Meath will be determined by this issue. The choice is his. Will he step up to the plate or will Dempsey be remembered as the ‘Minister for Navan Hospital Closure’?

“He claims he is disappointed by what has happened. Well Noel, disappointment is not good enough. Disappointment is not a strategy. Disappointment is not going to save lives. Disappointed Dempsey needs to come up with a plan for the maintenance of efficient and effective services in Meath or he needs to go.

“This campaign is only getting started. We need to mobilise thousands of people onto the streets. We need to rival the marches in Roscommon and else where. In three weeks we need to fill the Fairgreen with 5,000 Meath people. This Campaign will be difficult, with lots of hard work. We cannot at this point be certain of the outcomes, but let it not be said that 250 years of essential Hospital services in Navan came to an end in our generation.” END

Photos of the Rally can be got from John Doyle on 085 7479268
Further interviews are available from Peadar on 087 2707985

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