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Quinlivan Selected to Contest General Election

18 September, 2010

Cllr. Maurice Quinlivan is to be the Sinn Féin candidate at the forthcoming general election in the new constituency of Limerick City. Cllr. Quinlivan was unanimously selected at a party convention in the Absolute Hotel on last Thursday evening 16th September, which was chaired by Martin Ferris TD (Kerry North/West Limerick).

In his address to the convention Cllr. Quinlivan thanked the party for putting their faith in him and thanked his family and all who had been supportive of him since his election to Limerick City Council last year.

Cllr. Quinlivan said:

“Everybody knows that the next general election, which is likely to come sooner rather than later, will be fought around the theme of getting the country back to work and out of the appalling economic and social mess into which Fianna Fail and their banking, big business and developer friends have landed it.

“In the run up to the last general election in 2007 Sinn Féin put forward proposals to dampen down the property boom and lessen our economic and fiscal dependence on the construction industry. We also called for the broadening of the tax base and for investment in vital social infrastructure. We steadfastly opposed the hospital co-location programme and resisted plans to sell off vital public utilities.

“We argued strongly for the strengthening and expansion of indigenous industries. And for all this we were derided by Fianna Fail ministers as ‘economic illiterates’. Many people now see the sense of what we were saying and also see the nonsense of putting faith in the real economic morons who got us into this mess to now get us out of it.”

“The urgent priority now is to get our people back to work and Sinn Féin has put forward realistic and costed proposals for the creation and retention of jobs. In contrast this government has no coherent jobs strategy. Their obsession with pleasing international bondholders and money markets means they are quite prepared to see unemployment rise even further.

“We also need to urgently reverse the insane policies that are seriously threatening to wreck our health service to the extent that sick people are now being told to stay away from our public hospitals. Along with this there is a crying need to completely overhaul our employment and social services in such a way as to serve the ever growing needs of our people. Yet this government insists on pursuing policies that have created chaos in such vital public services at a time when they are most needed.

“People who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are burdened with massive mortgage and other debts are surely as worthy of support from the state as the banks and developers. Sinn Féin is determined to fight to ensure that such support is forthcoming. People need hope and the belief that there is a better way out of the economic mess this government has landed us in, we intend to provide fresh ideas and leadership and build a better Ireland. ”

Congratulating Cllr. Quinlivan on his selection, Deputy Ferris said “neither Maurice nor Sinn Féin are going into this election simply to make up the numbers. Rather, we are going in to win seats I am confident that Maurice is more than capable of taking a seat here in Limerick.” ENDS

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