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Morgan sets out Sinn Féin approach to budget 2011 at party think in

20 September, 2010

Speaking at his party’s annual think in meeting in Dublin today Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Arthur Morgan set out his party’s approach to the upcoming budget. Deputy Morgan said Sinn Féin is the only party in the Dáil that is opposing €3billion cutback proposal and demanding an economic stimulus.

He said:

“As we did last year, we will be using this year's pre-budget submission to comprehensively debunk the myths around the Irish economy that are propagated by the Government and supported by FG and Labour.

“Our analysis is completely different – we do not buy into the government's €3billion deficit reduction. We believe in a stimulus package to create jobs which will in turn reduce the deficit. We believe in overhauling the tax system to make it fairer, which will bring in the revenue to both create a stimulus and reduce the deficit.

“We are the only party in the Dáil with a progressive economic policy, which is opposes the proposals to cut €3billion from the economy and is demanding an economic stimulus package.

“The only spending cuts we believe in are cuts at the top end such as cutting the pay of hospital consultants and capping the pay of the highest earners in the civil service.

“Cutbacks in general don't help the economy and they don't help people. They contract the economy and drive people into poverty. We won't be joining the chorus line of establishment parties who all parrot and support a policy of austerity that has been shown throughout history not to work.

“In this pre-budget we will also be exposing the truth behind the state's finances. Fianna Fáil, The Greens, Fine Gael and Labour all agree that €3billion and maybe more should be cut from spending. They're not talking about the 25 billion or countless more billions gone into Anglo, the other banks and NAMA.

“Let's be honest to the public – they are taking your tax money to pay for a failed banking strategy, not reduce the deficit. The deficit is growing because of the banks and no amount of health and education spending cuts will bridge the gap.

“Again this year we will be working with a team of economists and we will be revisiting the big ticket items that we proposed last year and which have now been taken up by other groups, such as the wealth tax.

“We will also be highlighting the poverty traps being created by the main parties’ policies and proposals. Our mission with this budget is to tell the truth about the state's finances and to show that there is an alternative. That is what people are looking for.” ENDS

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