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Sinn Féin submit motion calling for an end to the delay in Shoot to Kill inquests

21 September, 2010 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin submit motion calling for an end to the delay in Shoot to Kill inquests

Sinn Féin MLA and victims spokesperson Francie Molloy has stated that Sinn Féin have tabled a motion  calling on the Minister of Justice  to engage with he PSNI chief constable to ensure that the PSNI comply with Coroners rulings on disclosure of documents to the Coroner and to the families legal teams.

Speaking today Mr Molloy said:

“There have been ongoing and obstructive delays in a number of inquests from right across the north with regards to killings by the British State forces or through collusion between the British state and loyalists.

“To date the PSNI have consistently refused to co-operate with families or court rulings to disclose files that are pertinent to these inquests. The fact that after nearly 3 decades in some of the cases some Inquest have not been completed  should be of deep concern to the Justice Minister and the Assembly. The justice Minister needs to ensure that all families have access to justice and truth to date that is clearly not the case for families whom have lost loved ones to British state forces.”

Concluding Mr Molloy said:

“The PSNI is not the RUC, they should not be covering for that discredited organisation. Matt Baggott the Chief Constable needs to show that he is in a position of leadership in a new police service and disclose the files that the Coroner and the families require and allow Inquest to completed and allow families access to the truth about how their loved lost their lives.”


Delay in Inquests 

That this Assembly expresses concern regarding the delay in conducting inquests into 'shoot-to-kill cases' resulting from the ongoing refusal of the PSNI to comply with the Senior Coroner's ruling that all relevant material should be disclosed to the families of the deceased; and calls on the Minister of Justice to engage with the Chief Constable to ensure that this ruling is complied with, so that the famillies concerned  can gain access to the truth about how their loved ones lost thier lives.

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