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Sammy Wilson Failing the Community - McLaughlin

21 September, 2010

Sinn Féin Economy spokesperson Mitchel McLaughlin has said that the Finance Minister Sammy Wilson continued rollover on the issue of cuts is failing the community.

Speaking this evening, after Sammy Wilson revealed that he expected the Block Grant given to the north to be cut by £2 billion over the next four years Mr McLaughlin said;

“Let’s be clear, a reduction of this scale will lead to thousands of job losses and continued recession. The reaction of Sammy Wilson is not to stand up for the people of the north, it is not to seek a better deal, Sammy Wilson is sending all the wrong signals, he is publicly advocating a pre-empted position that he knows he will not get through the Executive as it runs contrary to their stated position of how to go about rebalancing our economy.

The Minister seems to be of the opinion that he can balance our economy by reducing public sector when in actual fact we need to re-balance the economy by investing in private sector growth. We also see continued unnecessary and economically harmful duplication of services as a result of partition which continues to make our economy suffer.

Today’s news only goes to highlight further the very real and immediate need for parties to get real and seek the necessary economic levers and investment to determine our own economic and  fiscal agenda

The First Ministers have already indicated that they intend to take the fight against the cuts to the British Chancellor and Prime Minister in the coming period. I have no doubt that we, as a united Executive and Assembly, have the ability to stand firm to grow the economy, deliver effective and efficient public services and protect those most vulnerable in our community.

David Cameron gave a pledge to announce special measures to re-stimulate the economy; as yet we have seen no sign of that pledge.

I think it’s past the time that Sammy Wilson joined with the rest of us and stood his ground in defence of the people of the north.” CRÍOCH

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