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Government investment plan has potential if resourced properly – Morgan

28 September, 2010

Speaking today after the launch today of the ‘Trading and Investing in a Smart Economy’ plan by the Taoiseach today, aimed at creating 300,000 new jobs over the next five years, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Enterprise, Trade and Innovation Arthur Morgan TD said the plan has enormous potential however he has serious doubts about the Government’s commitment to resourcing it and seeing it through.

Deputy Morgan said:

“The new jobs initiative ‘Trading and Investing in a Smart Economy’ has enormous potential to create employment and to stimulate economic growth in this State if it is implemented properly. However, I have serious doubts about the Government’s commitment to resourcing this plan and actually seeing it through.

“Sinn Féin has always encouraged the development of the economic base and highlighted the importance of making foreign markets accessible to Irish companies. There is no reason that Ireland cannot become a world leader in industrial development, rather than hanging on the coat-tails of multinationals for innovation.

“However, the success of this plan hinges on the resolve of the Government and their ability to keep job creation and enterprise development to the fore of the economic agenda. This involves more than launching a plan; this involves investing in it, putting in resources and seeing the plan through. This is where the Government falls down and where today’s announcement is at risk of being shelved as just another PR stunt.

“The establishment of a Foreign Trade Council seems to me to be another layer of bureaucracy, replicating existing structures and even worse acting as another hurdle for enterprises to overcome. The focus of today’s launch should have been on translating this marketing intelligence into on the ground assistance. Often businesses are unable to innovate or develop because the assistance being received is theoretical, rather than practical. We are in danger of creating another enterprise development agency of sorts who, for the majority of Irish enterprises, will have no relevance.

“This initiative is just one in a long line of Government announcements. With the figures on the Live Register hurdling towards half a million, it is imperative that these initiatives start to deliver. This Government needs to follow these plans through to fruition and to show the people of this State if they are delivering on these announcements. Going on this Government’s track-record, I am very doubtful that this initiative will be given the credence it deserves and that unemployment will still plague this State. This is a Government of announcement, not of delivery.” ENDS

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