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Ferris slams Government employment policy

29 September, 2010 - by Martin Ferris TD

The Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Workers Rights Martin Ferris TD has strongly criticised Government employment policy. The Kerry North/Limerick West TD was speaking during a Private Members debate in the Dáil this evening.

Ferris claimed that the Coalition was happy to preside over a negative austerity programme that was condemning hundreds of thousands of people to the dole and emigration in order to save a small clique of incompetent speculators and failed bankers.

Deputy Ferris said:

“The fact is that this state has been virtually dragged to its knees by a small number of incompetent greedy financial and property speculators. A so-called Golden Circle were able to gamble recklessly on the future of the Irish economy and of every Irish person simply because of their political connections and political protection.

“Now the rest of us are forced into a situation where we are supposed to accept the dragging down of a whole society in order to pay for the criminal incompetence of these people. It is no wonder people are angry.

“There are now 450,000 people on the live register, bringing the standardised unemployment rate to 13.7%. As these figures threaten to reach half a million people, even with rising emigration, this Government’s focus remains on the future of a bank with no prospects but ignorant of the future of people with endless prospects.

“Fundamental changes are needed. Trickle-down should be supplanted by public investment-led growth, large-scale public investments in areas vital to our future such as infrastructure, research and development, education and training.

“Investing in job creation to tackle unemployment now will pay dividends well into the future. Sinn Féin advocates taking revenue from the pension reserve fund on a once off basis and implementing the revenue raising proposals set out in our Budget 2010 pre budget submission in order to fund our job creation proposals.

“To put the current economic situation in perspective: Our youth jobs proposals costed at €1.3 billion would create at least 50,000 jobs. If the €25 billion that is being pumped into Anglo Irish bank, the bank that operated a €8.2 billion LOSS for the first half of this year, was diverted into Sinn Féin’s job creation package, our proposals could support nearly 1 million jobs.” ENDS

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