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Sinn Féin by-election candidate tells Taoiseach — ‘I’ll see you in court’

10 October, 2010

Senator Pearse Doherty, currently involved in a legal challenge against the government’s refusal to hold the Donegal South West by-election has been nominated as the Sinn Féin candidate in the constituency.

Accepting the nomination in Gortahork this evening Senator Doherty said:

“I wish to thank my Sinn Féin colleagues for this nomination. It is an honour to represent the party in the county and I hope that I will do them proud.

“For too long Donegal has been abandoned by politicians, government and big business.

“To add to that abandonment, the government has refused, for over a year now, to grant full political representation to the south and west of the county.

“For a political party to suspend democracy on the basis of opinion polls that don’t suit them is a scandal.

“For this reason that I am proceeding with my legal challenge to force

 the government into giving us our election.

“My message to Brian Cowen is this – call the date or I’ll see you in court.

“Donegal never experienced the boom times and is suffering not just from the current economic crisis but also because of decades of underinvestment.

“With over 21,000 people unemployed in Donegal our young talent have been left with little option but to emigrate.

“Government cuts are forcing local hospitals wards to close, home-help hours are being slashed.

“Our schools are waiting years for repairs and new buildings.

“Our Gaeltacht is under threat.

“Public transport is virtually non-existent and our roads are in a poor state of repair.

“But it does not have to be this way.

“I’m a proud Donegal man. I love my county and I know the strength and potential of its people.

“I know we can turn this county and the indeed the country around.

“It’s time for people to make a stand and make those in power take notice.

“As a Sinn Féin TD I will campaign for a job creation and retention plan to protect jobs and to get our unemployed back to work or into training.

“Unlike those in all the other parties I will not sign up to cutting €3billion out of the economy, primarily from the pockets of those who can least afford it.

“The way to sort out our economic problems is through a stimulus package, investment in jobs, public services and our most valuable resource – our people.

“It’s time for people to demand their rights and stand up to government cuts.

“In this by-election we can show the establishment that Donegal people are a force to be reckoned with.

“I will go into the by-election to win it and I look forward to the challenge.

“Thank you again for the nomination.”


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