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Sinn Féin to raise Collusion and Truth Processes with two governments

5 April, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has sought an urgent meeting with the British Secretary of State Paul Murphy over the British government's refusal to deal properly with the issue of collusion. Mr. Adams rejected any suggestion that the British government can act as an independent arbiter on the issue of truth processes.

The Sinn Féin President will also raise these issues directly with Tony Blair, and the party's Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness will seek a meeting with the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Brian Cowan.

Mr Adams said:

" It is our firm view that for any process around truth and healing to be successful it is necessary for it to be both independent and international. It is not acceptable for the British government to appoint itself as arbiters of such a process.

The British government is still involved in a campaign of concealment. It has refused to co-operate with the Barron Inquiry and the Tyrone inquests, it continues to frustrate the Saville Inquiry, and is resisting demands for an inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane.

Given its role as one of the main protagonists in the conflict and its efforts to conceal the truth, nationalists and republicans, and indeed many unionists, can have no confidence in the British government taking a lead role in developing a truth recovery process

Moreover, those who carried out the policy of state sanctioned killings are still in place in MI5 and within the PSNI Special Branch. This is an indictment of those who have settled for less than a completely new beginning to policing.

The SDLP on the Policing Board has failed to challenge the structures, individuals and culture of collusion. The SDLP has refused to demand or advocate the expulsion of human rights abusers from the PSNI

Through their inability or unwillingness to act the SDLP has become part of the system which enforces concealment and cover-up.

The SDLP by its policing policy is failing all of those who wish to see the British policy of concealment ended and the truth around these very serious issues revealed." ENDS

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