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Morgan calls for legislation on teacher TDs

13 October, 2010

Speaking in a Dáil debate on the Education (Amendment) Bill, Sinn Féin’s Arthur Morgan has hit out at the proposal from the Minister for Education to allow untrained and unqualified persons to teach in schools as substitutes.

Morgan also called for legislation to be enacted to stop TDs from holding onto teaching posts while elected to the Dáil.

Deputy Morgan said:

“I am strongly opposed to the proposal in this Bill which would allow unqualified persons to teach as substitutes in schools. This proposal comes at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high and there are fully qualified teachers on the dole crying out for a job.

“Not only do children deserve to be taught by a qualified teacher but also a teacher who has trained and received their qualification deserves to work. I would propose the establishment of supply panels of qualified teachers so that every teacher absence is covered by a fully qualified teacher. This makes so much more sense and I would urge the Minster to consider this proposal.

“There has also been an issue down through the years whereby a number of TDs who had before their election been full-time teachers. Many of these TDs held on to their posts when elected and so were effectively double-jobbing.

“I believe that there is a need for legislation on this issue so as to ensure, when a new crop of TDs come in whenever that may be, that this does not happen again.

“There can be no excuse for TDs double-jobbing. With the economy in freefall and people on the breadline, TDs should not be permitted to hold onto teaching jobs indefinitely and I would call for a law to be enacted on this issue.” ENDS

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