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ESRI report vindicates Sinn Féin position

21 October, 2010

Speaking this morning following the publication of the third quarterly report by the ESRI Arthur Morgan said the Sinn Féin position of advocating for a longer period of time for reducing the deficit had been vindicated.

Deputy Morgan said:

“This morning’s Quarterly Economic Commentary by the ESRI has rubbished the Government’s , Fine Gael and Labour party’s target of achieving a budgetary position of 3% of GDP by 2014. In fact they say that it is 'incredible' and go on to suggest a longer timeframe of 2016.

“2016 is the timeframe that Sinn Féin has been proposing for the last number of weeks and is the deadline set out in our pre-budget submission to be launched in next few weeks.

“Of course we were told by the economic whiz-kids which form the ‘Consensus for Cuts’ that our position was not viable. The blinkers have been on these parties for so long that economic reason escapes them. Now we have ICTU, Professor Karl Whelan and the ESRI supporting the case for a longer timeframe for economic recovery.

“There is a place for these establishment parties in our consensus for stimulus and recovery - the consensus that does not savage the public services or ordinary people.

“We did not row in behind the other Dáil parties in their ‘Consensus for Cuts’ because we knew there was a better, fairer way.

“The 'Consensus for Cuts' brigade were the same parties who got the economy so spectacularly wrong in the run-up to the crisis when they all jumped on the cutting taxes bandwagon. They got it wrong then and they are getting it wrong now.
“Sinn Féin is the only party that is right on the economy and we are the only party offering a real alternative that protects frontline services and does not target those who cannot afford to pay.” ENDS

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