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Cut TDs’ and Ministers’ salaries – Adams

22 October, 2010 - by Pat Sheehan, Westminster

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has called for TDs salaries to be cut by 20 per cent and Ministers salaries by 40 per cent. The Sinn Féin leader has also criticised the Government and Fine Gael and the Labour Party for standing over the 2014 target date for reducing the budget deficit to 3 per cent of GDP and continuing to promote cuts to frontline services and social protections.

Speaking in Dublin this morning Mr Adams said:

“It is now clear that the 2014 target for cutting the budget deficit doesn't make sense and is unachievable. Furthermore I believe that the Government parties and Fine Gael and Labour are aware that this date can't be met.

“To stick to this date now is economic folly. To continue to promote savage cuts to public services and social protections is self defeating.

“Instead of attacking the most vulnerable citizens TDs’ and Ministers’ salaries should be cut. Sinn Féin proposes that TDs should take a 20 per cent cut and Ministers salaries should be cut by 40 per cent.”

Mr Adams added:

“SF has organised a mass rally for Dublin City Centre on December 4th in defence of low and middle income earners; of public services and the most vulnerable.” ENDS

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