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Greens lied about student fees – Doherty

1 November, 2010 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Education Senator Pearse Doherty has hit out at government proposals to further increase the student registration fee describing it as little more than ‘fees by stealth’.

Senator Doherty has said that the so-called promises obtained by the Green Party in relation to college fees will be seen as nothing more than lies should the fee be further increased.

Senator Doherty said:

“Proposals to further increase the student registration fee fly in the face of the so-called promises obtained by the Green Party in the renegotiated Programme for Government. With the proposal on the table to double the fee from €1,500 to €3,000 we can only conclude that the Greens have lied to students about fees.

“Further increasing this fee will have the direct effect of discouraging thousands from going to college. With unemployment at a record high and with government intent on slashing social welfare spend, thousands of young people and mature students simply will not be able to afford third level courses as a result of the penalising decision.

“It is disgraceful that such a step would be taken against the backdrop of billions being pumped into banks, criminal bankers getting off scot-free and TDs claiming exorbitant expenses off the back of the tax payer.

“Where are the proposals to tax the wealthy, where are the proposals to cut wasteful spending in the public sector and reduce the pay of TDs and Ministers? The reality is that no such proposals exist. This government’s sole concern is for the wealthy few who keep the Fianna Fáil coffers full each year.

“These fees by stealth must be opposed. I would call on the Green Party, if they are serious about this issue to stand up for students and oppose any increase of this fee.” ENDS

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