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Sinn Féin slam those behind St Jame's pipe bomb attacks

1 November, 2010

Sinn Féin Councillor for West Belfast Briege Brownlee has slammed those behind the leaving of two devices in the St James area. One of the devices, a pipe  bomb that was attached to a gallon of petrol, exploded around 8pm tonight.

Speaking tonight Cllr Brownlee said:

“Whoever is behind these devices has shown absolute disregard for this community.

“These are viable and dangerous devices. The first pipe bomb went of around 8pm and was attached to a gallon drum of petrol. The second, which was discovered only minutes later, was outside the home of another resident and is of a similar design.

“Anybody could have been passing these devices when they went off and this could had serious consequences with injuries or death. There are families with children in and about this community who are now rightly concerned at these events.

“Those responsible for the leaving of these pipe bombs must seriously consider their actions. They have attacked this entire community. The need now to come forward and explain what warped logic they had for these actions.

“St James have suffered enough over the period of the conflict without reckless actions such as this causing distress and upset.”

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