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Brady blasts latest Welfare Reform Proposals

9 November, 2010 - by Mickey Brady

Newry and Armagh MLA and Sinn Féin spokesperson on Welfare Rights Mickey Brady has hit out at the latest proposals from the Tory/Lib.Dem coalition on welfare reform.

Mr Brady said

‘The latest proposals from the Tory led coalition highlights their disregard and negative attitude to the unemployed and disadvantaged within society.

‘Rather than focus on the core requirement to kick-start the economy and create the jobs that people are crying out for this latest attempt to introduce the failed American Welfare to Work scheme targets the most vulnerable in society. The Tory ideology honed on the playing fields of Oxford rather than in the social and economic realities here cannot be allowed to be disguised as an attempt to aid economic recovery’.

‘Their proposal to make people work one week, 30hours, in every 4 weeks in order to maintain their benefits is another nail in the coffin of the welfare benefits system. That there is no incentive within this plan for those in receipt of benefits to work leaves people open to exploitation and potentially forced into carrying out humiliating work for no reward’.

‘While it may be laudable to attempt to foster a work ethic, this is not the correct way to do so, and is simply another attack on the most vulnerable’.

Mr Brady continued

‘What is required are real jobs with appropriate levels of pay and sufficient child care provision’.

‘There should be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that this Tory led government wants the end of the welfare state and this latest proposal is a continuation of the Tory onslaught on those who are benefit dependent through no fault of their own’.

‘These proposed changes need to be resisted now before more draconian legislation which will again target the most vulnerable comes down the line’. ENDS

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